Top White Noise Generators Apps Websites

Top 20 White Noise Apps/Sites For Your Concentration & Relaxation

Trying to concentrate daily in a very crowded or noisy environment can be a tiring stress factor. Not to mention even to be creative in such situations. Same goes also when you’re going through an insomnia, and nothing seems to help you pass it. Ironically, one of the methods which can improve your concentration, creativity or that can help you sleep might be listening to background noise at a medium to low level.

There are numerous noise types and frequency variations that can be experimented through today’s available digital noise generators. Some of the most used are the white/pink/brown noise ones. Also, among my favorites are the ones that imitate as accurate as possible nature or object sounds. What makes great a noise generator app or a website are its customization possibilities, accuracy levels, but also its design simplicity. Below you can find a list of apps or websites that excel in these categories. Happy relaxation! 🙂

Top White Noise Generators Apps Websites

  1. Noisli – can be mixed a range of 16 different sounds and noises at different intensities;
  2. Rainy Cafe – Ambient White Noise Generator –  quite simplistic, but does what’s intended with only two types of sounds – cafe environment and rain;
  3. Coffitivity – recreates only sounds from cafes, but their diversity does the trick;
  4. Simply Noise – looks great, simple and effective; also, can be played in browser, but also from a dedicated app;
  5. My Noise – the customization possibilities are quite numerous, going from natural noises to magic generators or patternscapes;
  6. White Noise Player – pretty simple, and you can choose from a range of six types of noise colors;
  7. Play Noise – a great looking player, with a wide selection of noises, even binaural beats;
  8. – as its title suggests, it will only rain on you, but it looks elegant;
  9. – natural rain sounds with a nice user interface on which can be selected 4 types of effects – light rain, heavier rain, thunder, after the rain;
  10. – available also as an app, it provides three different sound options that can work, if you want to, simultaneously at different paces – rain, thunder and heavy thunders;
  11. Jazz and Rain – perfect combination of rain sounds and jazz music (piano, saxophone, swing, vocal, chill);
  12. Random Audio Noise Generator – you can create your own preferred noise, just pick the audio parameters and the output details;
  13. Ambiance – offers over 3500 sounds, the possibility of customized sound mixes and it’s available for all devices;
  14. Naturespace – its specialty is the wide 3D recordings catalog of over 120 nature soundscapes;
  15.  Rainy Mood – simple, yet effective rain-thunderstorm loop;
  16. Chroma Doze – simple design and offers the possibility to sketch a favorite white noise sound spectrum;
  17. A Soft Murmur – offers a wide range of sounds – rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire, birds, crickets, coffee shops, singing bowl, white noise – and possibilities of customization;
  18. Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock – ambience and white noise mixer with a library of almost 200 sound loops and samples – rain storms, ocean waves, white noise, city trains or meditation bells;
  19. Atmosphere Relaxing Sounds – it allows imported sounds which can be mixed with the default ones – beach, forest, city, home, underwater, park, countryside, oriental, binaural beats;
  20. Bed Time Fan White Noise Sound – offers 3 high quality fan sounds to help you sleep faster.

Need more variants? Check out the full list of white noise apps available in Google Play and App Store or enter the white noise conversation on Reddit.

Do you have a preferred white noise generator? I’d love to hear all your thoughts and opinions. As always, you can get in touch via the comments section below.