Frequently Asked Questions is a place to promote your content free of charge, and to get in contact with new viewers. You’ll reach a different segment of audience, which is not interested only in one subject (e.g. ASMR videos), but in a wide range of stimuli and triggers.
They were added by users of this site through the embed or post options, if the content sharing platform and content creator allowed it. In case you would like your videos to be removed from this website, please send us a message.
You can submit/share any type of content that makes you relax or gives you peace of mind. The accepted forms are video files, video embedded links, but also any type of content that would point to an expressive creation that triggers relaxation, either words (e.g. blog posts), images or sounds.
Yes, but make sure the license usage of the content allows it, and no copyright infringement occurs. We recommend submitting royalty free content, mentioning the link source and/or other license credits. As a note, we don’t buy/sell/store or use in other way the submitted content, all we do is offer a place to share and communicate.
By signing for a free account, you can browse and search faster through your favorite relaxing moments. The account comes with a profile, channel and upload section, which will make saving and sharing your favorites much easier and fun. Also, it will be easier to get in contact, comment, share content and support authors with which you can relate.
There aren’t accepted posts that are pornographic in nature – sexually explicit or suggestive or graphic in any way. “Mature Content” includes (but is not expressly limited to) all works containing nudity, or very suggestive sexual material, unnecessary violence, and other subject matter deemed too sensitive or offensive.
No. You, as the original creator, reserve all rights of your content. By submitting content, you just allow us to post and display it as a means of making your way of relaxation available to viewers and system users.

First, you should check to see if it’s not posted in a different category than the one that was specified. If indeed your file has been removed, it would most likely be because we’ve considered it inappropriate, in terms of being strictly ‘mature audience’ content, or because of copyright grounds.
If you consider a submission to be inappropriate or unacceptable, please contact us. We will review the questionable material and take appropriate action. Thanks!